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Heavy Equipment Repair and Fabrication

Cliffco Heavy Equipment is dedicated to providing fast, quality service on all makes of equipment along with preventative maintenance to reduce repairs and ensure increased machine uptime. Cliffco is also committed to providing quality and dependable off road equipment to companies striving to conduct business in the most efficient manner.

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Heavy Equipment Repair

Cliffco knows how important it is for your heavy equipment to be working properly. You can’t afford to wait around for broken components.


Diesel Engine Rebuilds

Cliffco Repair technicians are trained to do complete certified diesel engine rebuilds. Give us a call today and learn what Cliffco can do for you.


Hydraulic Repairs

CliffCo has cutting edge technology to handle all Hydraulic repairs. We are full machine shop with state of the art tooling and trained technicians.


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About Us

Learn about Cliffco Repair

Cliffco has two main objectives

1. Become Phoenix's “One-Stop Shop” for all Heavy Equipment needs

Becoming a One-Stop Shop will include Cliffco being able to sell or lease, new and used heavy equipment as well as being able to service all equipment our customers own and having all necessary parts on hand to execute repairs in a timely manner. Offering equipment for sale/rent and being able to repair all equipment would allow our customers to deal directly with Cliffco for all Heavy Equipment needs and limit the need to go anywhere else. We understand that your heavy equipment is a vital part of running your business efficiently and effectively and it is our goal for our customer’s heavy equipment needs to be met by Cliffco

2. Maximize customer satisfaction

Cliffco is consistently improving the speed and quality of service. We are constantly working towards maintaining and guaranteeing the highest quality service for all of our customers and giving the best value to our customers through promotional discounts. If there is something we can improve on please let us know. Your satisfaction is very important to us!

We Service All Manufacturers and Models